A Simple, But Effective Way To Announce Your Pregnancy

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Pregnancy announcement postcards are a very simple way to announce your pregnancy to friends and family. This becomes especially true if you have a larger circle of friends and family or live far away from the extended family. Just think about how cumbersome and at one point boring it would be to call everyone up in person and to let them know. While it is fun to do so with the closest friends and family, once you need to call “Uncle Harry” and ” veteran hoodie Matthilda” that you saw the last time on the day of your wedding, it becomes clear that you will not enjoy this.

Pregnancy announcements are a fun way to surprise people. By simply sending a postcard you show that you care about everyone by letting them know. Nobody can come back later on and complain they did not know. And you save a lot of time and effort to do it that way. After all – you are expecting a baby and that requires a complete different level of attention for yourself. You need to adjust your lifestyle, you need to read up on what to look out for during pregnancy and so on. You are also totally excited and have your mind on other things maybe.

You want to enjoy this time and you want to make it memorable as much as you can. Start pregnancy with sending out pregnancy announcements – be it free pregnancy announcement ecards or actual postcards. Compile a list of people you want to notify and then decide what kind of notification you want to use. Do you want to tell them in person maybe? Or do you just call them up? How about the email? Are you doing Twitter and Facebook? Or is it too early to spread the word yet? Maybe you just want Mom and Dad know about it and wait to see how pregnancy progresses and make it past the infamous 12 week marker? There are many things to consider.

Once you have decided on a way and time how to announce your pregnancy, you can jump all in. If you want to wait with the pregnancy announcement, you can still go ahead and order pregnancy postcards. That gives you time to fill out each postcard, get the postage and be prepared for the day to come when you want to mail them out. For email notifications you would need to compile a list of recipients and also come up with a nice text for your email. You can probably find some free pregnancy email ecards that will do part of the work for you.

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