A Special Day For the Proud Mom-To-Be – Baby Shower Party Themes

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It is a proud moment in a girl’s life. The joy of nurturing a life within deserves celebrations and appreciation. Baby shower parties are usually organized by the kin and friends of the new mother-to-be. The basic purpose is to gift the parents – to – be things that they would require for the baby.

A party theme usually helps in moving the party around with decorations, accessories and food. Baby shower party themes should be mellow and accentuate the arrival of a new life into the family.

Let us now check out the popular baby shower party themes.

1. Stork theme:That a stork delivers a newborn babe at one’s doorstep is a popular lore. And one that is represented traditionally as baby shower party theme.

2. Colour: Pink is fixed for little ladies while blue is for the young gentlemen. The colour pink looks gorgeous, but for that, a baby girl is a pre-requisite.

3. Noah’s Ark theme: The Noah’s Ark theme can be accentuated by many types of party accessories, decor items and edible delicacies. Noah’s ark itself wouldn’t have had that much variety!

4. Rubber Ducky: The cheerful yellow-coloured rubber duck is a well-used party accessory and hence easily available. Create yellow ducky stamps and float them in water containing jars used as centerpieces. Innovation is the name of the game!

5. An all Baby things theme: This is quite a useful little baby shower party theme. Rattles, diapers, baby bottles or baby carriages etc may be brought as gifts by the guests. The hosts can make things tacky by arranging a clothesline in the party venue where the guests can hang the dresses they brought for the child. With this theme in practice, the future parents can stack up an impressive array of baby things.

6. An angels theme can be adorable. Your friends and relatives may get garbed as angels and sing songs to welcome your baby.

7. The Teddy bear theme is just right for the young baby – the mama may find it a tad on the immature side. But what of it, as long as it looks good!

8. A very healthy theme would be the story book theme – The guest could bring story books for the baby and you could also have reading sessions. Doctors say it is good for the mother to listen to good stories for a healthy baby.

9 .A nursery rhyme theme is ideal if you would like to pay a nostalgic visit to your childhood days. Sit around and sings all your favourite rhymes. All your decorations can revolve around your favourite rhymes. Baa baa black sheep, Twinkle twinkle little star.

10. Animal themes: This can be arranged as jungle book type of set up where guests may dress up as animals or bring about animals as gifts. A virtual zoo at the party venue sounds fun.

11. Character party themes: Cartoons or superheroes may be adopted as models for guests and they can come dressed up like one to your baby shower party. It can be made to look quite a nice sight.

12. A twin Baby shower: These are double whammy fun. But not for the mommy who must be harried by the double weight. She merits celebration by a lovely baby shower party theme. Such themes include: two peas in a pod, two boys, two girls and one boy and one girl.

13. A trendy mummy Baby Shower party theme would look quite cool. Pink, blue, chocolate browns are the tints for the mod mommy.

It is always wise to make such parties practical. You can have a character party theme wherein each play their part in relation to the baby – Brother, sister, aunt, uncle ,grandmother, grand father and God mother . It will help people realize their relationships and responsibilities. The baby shower theme parties can also help people bring in their gifts that can be utilized later. For example, books, diapers, rattles, baby toys etc.

Given below is the comment of Martha, a mamma-to-be, who had a lovely baby shower party:

“I had quite a practical baby shower party theme. The gift items were restricted to baby clothes. And when the guests brought these, they were asked to hang out their presents on a clothesline we had arranged beforehand. Their lovely effort touched my heart. The clothes were a big help for my son Jonathan.”

May your baby shower party theme be equally great. Enjoy yourself to the hilt. The occasion demands it.

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write by Tramaine King