Annual Forecast & Feng Shui Remedies for 2007 : Yin Red Fire Pig Year – Snake Sign Chinese Zodiac

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The Chinese Zodiac Astrology is ancient, interesting, accurate and loved by millions across the world. The Chinese Zodiac is based on cyclic concept of time : a cycle of 12 years, repeated again and again. The 12 Years are associated with 12 Celestial Animals : Rat (or Mouse on Mongoose), Ox (or Buffalo or Bull or Cow), Tiger, Rabbit (or Hare or Cat), Dragon, Snake (or Serpent), Horse, Goat (or Sheep or Ram), Monkey, Rooster (or Hen or Cock or Chicken or Phoenix), milwaukee brewers hawaiian shirt and Pig (or Boar or Hog). The animal names occasionally differ with the Oriental Country they originate. The Chinese Yearly Horoscopes are basically built around these 12 Animal Signs.

Your Chinese Astrological Zodiac Animal Sign is directly based on the Chinese Lunar Year of Birth that you were born. The Chinese New Year is mobile and could start anywhere between 21st January and 20th February, depending upon the year. If your Date of Birth falls into any of the following Chinese Lunar Years, then, because you are born in the Year of the Snake (or Serpent), you are symbolically identified by your Celestial Animal, the “Snake (or Serpent)” :

From 04 Feb 1905 to 24 Jan 1906

From 23 Jan 1917 to 10 Feb 1918

From 10 Feb 1929 to 29 Jan 1930

From 27 Jan 1941 to 14 Feb 1942

From 14 Feb 1953 to 02 Feb 1954

From 02 Feb 1965 to 20 Jan 1966

From 18 Feb 1977 to 06 Feb 1978

From 06 Feb 1989 to 26 Jan 1990

From 24 Jan 2001 to 11 Feb 2002

In Chinese Hsia Calender, 2007 is the 4704th year and significantly, is also the fourth year of the New Feng Shui Land Luck Cyclic Period 8. The forthcoming new Chinese Lunar Year is from 18th February 2007 to 6th February 2008. The next Chinese New Year, the Yang Earth Rat will begin on 7th February 2008.

Enjoy the Annual Forecasts and learn about the suggested Feng Shui & Crystal Remedies that you may need for the coming “New Lunar Year 2007 : Ding Hai, the Year of the Yin Red Fire Pig” :

CAREER An inauspicious year of reversed fortunes. In 2007, your Celestial Animal Snake is conflicting the Year TaiSui (Grand Duke Jupiter). This war-like energy field will involve you in gossips and scandals, discredit your reputation and spoil your career. It will seem as though your hard work will go without results, progress halted and your talents disrespected. Projects at finishing stage might collapse. Maintain old and regular clients while entering and establishing new markets. You should create opportunities yourself and make the most of them by putting in considerable efforts and by becoming flexible in your approach. Your progress will be very modest but the knowledge and experience that you gain now will bear fruit in the coming years. By acting tactfully and managing your affairs discreetly, you can create strategically useful friendships which can get you through a difficult year. Most of you will be spending the year outside of your regular place but refrain from switching careers or jobs right now. Do not cut corners for short term gains or take up false opportunities of enticements – you might end up in a legal trap that could destroy you. Inaugurate the statue or photo of the Protector Kuan Kung in the North West to watch over you in these hard times. If you were born in 1989, you might loose valuables and money in a theft. Employed Snakes will fare much better than the Self-employed Snakes. You will do good this year if you have anything to do with trading, marketing, travels, transportation, imports and exports. Whether you are self-employed or salaried worker, you are in dire need of the blessings of the TaiSui this year. Display the genuine, energised photographs of “Feng Ji, the 2007 TaiSui” and the “TaiSui Protection Talisman for 2007” in the North West and carry their miniature versions in your pocket or purse, for minimising the severe negative impacts that you are likely to suffer this year. Do not attend burial ceremonies or cremation rituals this year.

MONEY Fluctuating cash flow will dishearten you. Do not indulge in frivolous spending but tighten your belt. At least one heavy spending is awaiting you, because of your conflict with the Year TaiSui : could even be the expense of shifting your home or office. Requirements might force you to look for loans. Be prudent when you disburse money. When drawing up new contracts, be wary of fine prints. There could be some mistakes or you might even be cheated. Stay away from speculative investments and gambling – you hardly have any windfall luck this year. Keep a set of “Four Heavenly Kings” coins to minimise money erosions.

HEALTH As you are in conflict with the Year TaiSui, you are prone to frustrations and blood injuries. Frustrations will lead to depressions and depressions will lead to carelessness and recklessness. Such extreme moods will lead to many accidents. Accidents will lead to injuries, sprains and fractures, especially in your legs, hips, face and teeth. Drive very carefully and always follow the rules of the road. Do not participate in any type of risky sports. Be on guard when you take the staircase. You can sincerely attempt to prevent the destined “bloodshed” by donating blood voluntarily. Some of you might get respiratory problems and digestive disorders. Avoid stimulants like alcohol and tobacco. Do yoga and meditate. By hanging a real and original Chinese Wou-Lou (near your bedside), you can drain out quite a lot of sick energy from the negative atmosphere surrounding you. If you were born in 1941, heart, eye and stomach problems may trouble you. If you are a female born in 1953, watch out for gynecological ailments.

LOVE Do not bring the pressures and stress at work into your family life. If you do, you will have to face severe consequences. Your unbalanced emotions will make mountains out of molehills and upset precious equations. You need the support of your family in this taxing year – you will get it too, if you do not spoil it yourself. Install the statue of the Three Generations Dragon Head Turtles in the East. Singles may not find a proper anchoring relationship that they are looking for.

STUDIES Apparent clash with the TaiSui will make you rebellious. You will fall prey to the wrong gang and mix with negative friends. As a result your studies will suffer greatly. Questions will be raised about your motivations. Your integrity will suffer. You will be restless and moody. Seek the help of your family and heed their advice. Display the “Protection Talisman for 2007” in the North West of your study room and always carry a small photo of Feng Ji, the TaiSui of 2007, in your pocket. If you were born in 2001, you should be under constant care and attention.

Birthstone : Opal Good Relationships with : Rooster and Ox, for 2007 Conflicts with : Tiger, Snake and Pig, for 2007 Polarity Force : More Yang Lucky Numbers : 1, 2, 4, 6, 13, 24, 42 and 46 Zodiac Protector : Puxian or Samantabhadra (Sanskrit)


The above analysis has suggested some remedies/cures for reducing the impact of negative energy and has recommended certain enhancers for increasing and improving upon the beneficial energy of the year. For the remedies/enhancers to be effective, they should be cleansed, energised, blessed and programmed not only for the particular individual/family but also for the specific purpose/problem. They should also be placed in the indicated location, to derive the maximum benefit. Any or all of these remedies can be reused for the forthcoming new years, but they may have to be repositioned according to the specific new year.

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write by Calliope