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I was born in 1953. The month of July. So in April the following year my Great cincinnati bengals t shirt won a teddy bear at her church playing bingo. She gave it to me. Of course I don’t remember, I was 9 months old.

The term Teddy Bear started from a political cartoon about President Theodore Roosevelt in 1902. He refused to shoot a bear. This cartoon started a craze with stuffed bears. Everyone had to have one and stylish lady’s even carried them around in public.

Morris Michton, founder of the Ideal toy company, saw this cartoon and after receiving permission from President Roosevelt to use his name and began producing bears. Their success lead to the creation of his company.

Teddy Bear I called him. Never giving him a real name just Teddy Bear. He became very important to me as a child, setting in my room, going with me places, and sleeping with me every night.

As all loved stuffed animals do, he needed a bath now and then. My first memory of this I was in 1st or 2nd grade. It’s something that has stayed with me throughout my life.

My Mom decided it was time to give him a wash. I remember watching her as she took the scissors and sniped the stitches down his back and removed his stuffing’s. Then she washed him by hand in the kitchen sink. I was worried about him. She then draped him over a towel rack in the bath room to dry.

It was scary for me. Seeing his little eyes looking at me as he was draped there. I told him everything would be OK and hoped against all hope this would be true. We couldn’t be together that night while he dried. I knew he would be missing me as much as I was missing him.

I woke up during the night and had to go and get him. I don’t remember how dry he was but I put him in bed with me. I do remember what a relief that was.

By morning he was all dry and after breakfast my Mom put him back together again. He was just the same as before only cleaner. I’m sure he had a lot of hugs that day!

This bear was around 3ft. tall so removing the stuffing to wash and get it dry was necessary. Smaller stuffed creatures are easy enough to wash. Putting them in a pillow case and into the washer and drier works fine. If there are electronics or a music box inside it’s best to remove them if you want them to continue to work.

I still have this wonderful bear. His color has faded. The button eyes fell off. You know the ones that have the eye inside that bobble around. Finally his nose came off and I don’t know what happened to it.

Funny the childhood memories we hold. I’m glad I have this one.

Wikipedia has the history of the Teddy Bear with some great information about it.

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write by Ionel Pascan