Choosing An Ideal Baby Name

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So you have been privileged with a child and now you have come under the category of a parent. Your joys are ever growing each day and now you have the homework of searching a name for you child.

Like every parent you want a name that is different and not very common. But what is different for you may be very common world over. Hence your homework has to be intense yet simple. Here are the following points to consider when you are naming your child.

How the name sounds?

When on the lookout for names, say the name aloud. So you know how it sounds. Sometimes amalgamating names sound a bit odd. Also if the name ends with a vowel and the surname begins with a vowel, it sometimes becomes a tongue twister. Rena Arora or Pete Emporio

The meaning

For some people the meaning of the name is very important. Especially in religious families. For instance in India many cultures look at the star sign and deduce a letter from which the name should begin. In some cultures in England the fathers name or the grandfathers name is taken. But keep in mind that you are in a modern world so Henry IV will not sound appealing when your kid grows up. Ingrid means a hero’s daughter, stockyard means stumps from the yard. When your child grows up, he or she may not be very comfortable with their names due to the meanings.

The unique feature

Most of the times people take up names thinking there is no other such name. But only when they put them in play school they realize that there are three more Jacobs or five Jacks. Mitchelle too is a very common name. So try to find a name that is different but at the same time make sure they are not tongue twisters or difficult to pronounce. So names like Stanskov, Zachary, Yebedin may sound fine in your community or country. But when he or she will travel, the name can be quite a hurdle.

Points of views

There will be many friends and family members pushing you to keep the baby’s name as theirs. But detroit tigers hoodie Magaretta or uncle Basilio does not understand that the names in the modern era are simple and few lettered. So you make the decision on your child’s behalf. There can be other ways in showing your great aunts and uncles your gratitude then naming your child Alexander Douglas John as your poor child will have to stick to it for the rest of his life.


As adults we can swallow the jokes made on us. But for kids it is not always amusing when one calls them by a nickname. ‘Walden’ gets a pet name Waldie that becomes ‘baldie’, Dumster becomes ‘dum’ and so on. Hence looking at a name from all angles is very important for your child.

All the points given above are not intensive and compulsory to be followed. The underling point is that it should be preferred by both of you.

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write by Azura