Custom Sports Bottles Are an Integral Part of Every School Or Business Orientation Package

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When putting together an orientation package for a school, university, or business; there are many promotional items to consider. However, perhaps the most integral and often overlooked item is the simple custom sports bottle.

There are many positive promotional elements to a custom sports bottle such as a large print area to display a logo, emblem or organization message. The overwhelming need and utility of the product itself-everyone needs to drink and transport liquids. It is a cost effective way to provide a high impact, vibrant, health conscious message. It is reusable and discourages the purchasing of environmentally damaging single-use bottled water. And the fact that it is one of the most highly used promotional products of all college recruitment materials, trade show giveaways, and orientation packages. But perhaps the most important and overlooked aspects of custom sports bottles is that they are most often used publicly for positive social benefit and personal physical fitness.

When one first thinks of the possible uses for custom sports bottles they think of athletic activities such as running, biking to work or school, or even walking the new york yankees zip up hoodie and children in the afternoon sun. They think of staying hydrated on long days in school classrooms or working hard at the office without excessive breaks. Worse activities have been encouraged.

Faced in the 21st century with mounting gas and energy prices, epidemic obesity, climate change, and urban congestion; more and more people are turning to 20th century means of transportation such as walking, running, and biking. Faced with the health hazards and environmental damages caused by single-use plastic water bottles, more and more people are turning to multi-use personalized bottles to cut down on waste and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Important factors to keep in mind when choosing a custom sports bottle are:

1. The use. Is it meant for athletic activities, for the office, or for a bike? Should it be able to transport both hot and cold liquids?

2. The material. Should it be BPA(Bisphenol A) free plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel?

3. The shape. Can it fit in most bike cages and cup holders?

4. The appearance. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Does it add to the promotion?

5. The size. Custom sports bottles can be stuffed with various promotional products materials, and information. They make a great carrying case for other materials that you may be offering at a trade show or orientation.

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