Decorating with Quilts – Holiday by Holiday

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Nearly every month of the year there’s a day to entertain, to relax or to just have fun. Celebrating holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Thanksgiving often provides our most warm and wonderful memories of family and friends.

And while it may not be your first thought, including a custom quilt in your holiday plans can make those special days even more special. You may even be surprised to find out how much quilts can add to holiday activities. After all, by their very nature, quilts are warm and wonderful, too!

Quilts for Super Bowl Sunday

It may not be a true holiday, but Super Bowl Sunday might as well be. Cheering every touchdown of the Big Game will be even more fun when you are toasty warm, wrapped in a quilt made in the colors of your favorite team.

Quilts for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is approaching again, and you are looking for a unique way to share the love. But flowers and candy can seem so passé. Instead, give a flower- or candy-themed quilt – it makes that ordinary sentiment extraordinary. A Valentine’s quilt is also the perfect way to express how much you want to wrap your sweetheart in love. Every time they pull it around their shoulders it’s a reminder of the warmth of your feelings.

Quilts for Easter

You’ve picked out the perfect ‘going to church’ outfit for Easter. But wait! You still need something to carry your change for the offering plate. A quilted purse, perhaps? With the endless design opportunities for quilted purses – from the oversized tote bag that holds everything to a slender clutch that holds just the necessities – you’re sure to find the perfect one to complement your ensemble.

Quilts for Mother’s Day / Father’s Day

These special days are for remembering Mom and Dad and all the ways in which they have helped shape you into the person you are today. A photo memory quilt is a special way to preserve those memories. In a photo memory quilt, digital copies of photos from your childhood are printed on fabric and then used as the basis for quilt blocks. When pieced together, the result will be a one of a kind quilt, a terrific way to say “thank you” to the parents who raised a one of kind kid – you.

Quilts for the 4th of July

Heading out to see the fireworks this 4th of July? Don’t forget a quilt – you’ll want one to spread out on the ground when you find the perfect spot for “ooh”-ing and “ah”-ing. Or maybe spending the long holiday weekend at the beach is more your style? A quilted beach bag will keep your sunscreen and flip flops handy while you boogie-board in the surf. Or perhaps you are celebrating Independence Day with an outdoor BBQ? Flipping burgers on the grill will go much easier with a quilted apron.

Quilts for Halloween

Rarely do so many people visit your front door at one time than on Halloween. That makes it the perfect time to greet them with a quilted holiday door hanging. Ghosts and goblins may be so welcoming they’ll forget to be scared!

Quilts for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of the year where you and all your friends and family gather – to be the first at the After Thanksgiving sales. Just kidding! When you are gathered around the delicious turkey and mouth-watering pumpkin pie, quilted placemats can grace your table while coordinated quilted chair backs can make your guests more comfortable.

Quilts for Christmas or Hanukah

Of course, quilts are ideal for the winter holidays. There are so many ways a colorful quilt or quilted piece can add warmth to the season. Don’t just hang the stockings with care, hang quilted stockings (when you have them custom made, you can have them made big enough to hold more goodies from Santa!) Quilted tree skirts or table runners can be specially designed, also. For instance, a small skirt can be sewn to fit under a miniature tree or a striking runner made to cover the table where a menorah is displayed.

Fabric gift bags can be a terrific solution for holiday gift-giving, too. A quilted gift bag can be a stress-free time-saver that simplifies the whole wrapping process when used for an odd- or over-sized gift and quilted wine bags can add a trendy touch when bringing a bottle of your favorite Chardonnay to a party.

In addition to those holidays mentioned here, consider having a quilt or quilted item made to celebrate Mardi Gras or Cinco de Mayo or even lesser known holidays like National Relaxation Day (Aug 15), National Hug Your new york yankees hoodie Day (May 19) or National Quilting Day (Mar 15). Or, to take some very good advice from a clever greeting card, Celebrate Everything – and do it with a quilt!

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write by James Brown