Digital Photo Frames Make Thoughtful, Long-Lasting Gifts

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Ever since the camera was invented, people have loved to take pictures of their families, and to send them to friends and relatives. We all grew up with photo albums full of family portraits, baby photos and vacation snapshots. And most people have photos of their loved ones – including their pets – proudly displayed both at home and at work. These days it’s easy to share our photographs via the internet, whether by email or on Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and other social networking and photo sharing sites.

If you have children, you’ll know how much fun it is for grandparents, aunts, uncles and godparents, especially if they live far away, to receive photos of them so they can follow their development and show them off to others. Of course photos of weddings, graduations, birthdays, bar/ deer hunting hoodie mitzvahs and other family gatherings, as well as snaps of pets, new homes or vacations, are always appreciated too. With so many photographs to share, you need a practical way to store and view them – and preferably one that is easy and convenient for the recipient.

This is why a digital photo frame is an excellent gift for anyone who likes to look at photos. You can give a grandmother a frame that you have loaded up with a series of images, and then encourage her to upload more photos from the web every now and then, or transfer them from her own digital camera. If she doesn’t want to deal with the technology you can always add to her collection whenever you meet. She will have a large number of pictures of her grandchildren and other family members to enjoy. Many digital picture frames are also able to play video files, so don’t forget to send or give her video clips you shoot with your camcorder or cellphone as well.

Here are some other gift ideas for digital photo frames that are sure to delight the people who receive them:

Everyone needs a keychain to keep their keys in order. Why not give a digital photo keychain with a selection of photos of your kids, family occasions, beautiful spots you and the recipient have visited together, and anything else that might bring a smile to his face. A digital keychain is so inexpensive it can be a perfect “anytime” gift.

Instead of yet another photograph to stick on the refrigerator or filing cabinet, give your friend a magnetized digital frame and let her clear all that clutter away! She can flip through the pics and choose the one that suits her mood best that day.

Think outside the box and turn a digital photo frame into a fantastic recipe book that makes a wonderful present for a wedding or birthday. Gather all your family favorites and download or type out the recipes, then take photos of the finished dishes or add videos of the preparation process, and you’ll have a unique, personalized gift for a young adult leaving home.

Anyone who is bedridden or confined to home, for example following surgery, is sure to appreciate being able to look at a selection of his favorite images. If you get him a digital photo frame that also supports video files and even plays DVDs he can enjoy hours of entertainment from the device.

For elderly people who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s a digital frame can bring back many happy memories and let them stay connected with loved ones. You can scan or upload old photos from their youth to help them remember, as well as images from recent family events to help them stay up to date with current developments. If the device has speakers, record a helpful description or anecdote for each image, for that extra personal touch. Many frames can be set to play a slideshow, so that caregivers or family members don’t need to worry about being called upon to change the picture.

A digital picture frame filled with familiar images from home is also the ideal thing to give a college student or a younger student going away to summer camp to prevent them from feeling homesick. A member of the armed forces deployed overseas is bound to treasure a digital frame and the ability to load more photographs onto it when he has access to the web. The same goes for anyone who is traveling or working away from home. Whomever you give a digital photo frame to, you can be sure it will be a welcome gift that will keep on giving for a long time.

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write by Philomena