Eulogy Template – Distant Relative

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Eulogy templates for aunts or distant relatives are not as easily available as those for parents, grandparents and even for siblings. No one knows why but this just seems to be how it is. Hence, here is an option that you may find useful if ever you are asked to deliver a eulogy at the funeral of an uncle, aunt, or even a cousin.

Begin by stating your relationship with the deceased. You could simply say, ” philadelphia phillies t shirt Jenny was more like a friend than an aunt. In fact, I remember her being the one person in my family I could always go to no matter the trouble I was in. And instead of judging me, or having to worry about being punished, philadelphia phillies t shirt Jenny would simply examine the problem from all angles and tell me what my appropriate response should be. I’m really going to miss my philadelphia phillies t shirt Jenny”.

Then, move on to her early life, her formative years, and the kind of child she was. Did she grow up in the Depression? Or was she born with the proverbial golden spoon? Describe the kind of daughter, sibling, student and friend she was. Also, describe her goals and ambitions growing up. Did she realise those dreams?

Your eulogy must also contain anecdotes about her life as an adult. Did she marry? What was she like as a wife, a mother? If you have cousins sitting in the audience, point them out in order, from the eldest to youngest of her children. Do also point out her husband if he is present.

You can also add information about things that brought her joy. Did she have a particularly green thumb? Was she a pet lover who rescued every stray mutt in the neighbourhood? What was it that made her happy? If philadelphia phillies t shirt Jenny or Uncle Larry, as the case may be, always made sure you were welcome, then say it. If she insisted on making you supper even when you returned at two in the morning, make a special mention of it. It is important that you offer up an actual image of your aunt, highlight kind words and bear hugs, but downplay any negative traits. This is neither the place nor the time.

A fitting end to your eulogy would be to sum things up with a prose that you have written yourself. Something along the lines of:

“Jenny Garfield was a firm believer in God and man,

She never said one harsh word,

Never criticized,

And was certainly never quick to anger.

Always smiling,

And always giving,

Jenny Garfield will not just be missed,

But the pain of her passing,

Not even time may heal.”

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write by Anatole