Getting Married And Need A Resort?

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It’s only when you say yes to that big question that you begin to realise what you’ve let yourself in for. It’s nice enough to imagine you are there, already married and living your new life together, but what about arranging that big day? Arranging to do it all at a Rarotonga resort can strip a pile of stress away and help you have an easy introduction to your new life together. The best thing is you can allow the organisers at the venue to arrange as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, adding your own personal touches to the day if you like, or leaving it all to them to sort out.

The option of getting married overseas has many things going for it. For a start, its likely only people that you feel a real connection with, or who are fully invested in your lives will want to come. Whereas you may be expected to invite crazy houston astros polo Agatha to a wedding in your hometown, if it’s offshore and a flight away, it’s less likely that she will come. You can always arrange a welcome back reception for people to attend once you’ve come back from your time at the Rarotonga resort, and enjoy their admiring glances of your relaxed faces and sun kissed skin.

Of course you can stay as traditional as you like, getting married in a church or a beach side chapel, or hold a ceremony barefoot on the white sands, with palm trees providing well desired shade from the warm sun. Men often enjoy the fact that they get to wear shorts on their special day, and if they have a forgiving bride they may also be able to wear a loud Hawaiian shirt (toned to match the bridesmaid’s dresses of course!)

Food can be a tropical feast, with a wedding cake made on site. The food on offer is often traditional island fare, with plenty of fish, tropical fruit and barbecued meat. Of course if you want something a little more personal you can request whatever you’d like, keeping in mind your budget and the needs of your guests.

The idea of having a wedding offshore means you’re already at your honeymoon destination. You can both enjoy the time with friends and family then escape to a more private part of the Rarotonga resort for some time alone. It’s up to you to choose how much time you spend with them, and you can even arrange to have more time with them before the big day and before shooing them off soon after the ceremony. It’s all a matter of deciding how you want to play it, to ensure you get the day you’ve always dreamed of.

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