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Are you interested in learning more about healthy cookbooks? If so, in this article allow me to give you some necessary information on how to create a family heirloom healthy cookbook and tell you some details on how Fannie Merritt Farmer became the Mother of American Cookbook. This would mean that after you finished reading this article, you will learn the factors that can help you in creating your own family heirloom healthy cookbook and appreciate it even more after knowing how Fannie Merritt Farmer popularized the usage of this important book.

For a start, it has been a common scenario for every family and home to have some treasured and cherished recipes; these are usually handed down from one generation to the next. These cookbooks are normally loved and appreciated not only because of the delicious meals but more so because of the memories that were produced out of the family gatherings that became products of these healthy cookbooks. According to a graphic design instructor and performance artist, Cheryl Wolf, a family recipe is indeed also a family history, and this can therefore be considered a work of true folk art. And if your question is how to this exactly, take into account the following considerations in creating your own family heirloom healthy cookbooks:

• You can start asking those family members to send you recipes that they had done in the past; it’s like you are going to start a collection of all the recipes first. Especially the specialties of each one.

• It is possible that you have a relative who never experienced writing down a recipe-since some best recipes are never really actually written down-you can try asking a member of the family to serve as a helper when your non-writing member cooks by doing “a little bit of this and a simple dash of that”. This helper will be the one to take down the measurements and all the steps that should be done; in short she will be keeping track of the cooking itself and write things down.

• Since you are starting for this task, you have to give out samples or formats on how it should be done. This is so that the heirloom you will do will be synchronized and standardized.

• After you had collected everything, it is now time to make a specific look for your cookbook. It has something that will reflect your family’s personality. This is when you will have to include pictures, especially the old and vintage ones, along with your recipes. This is indeed going to be a memorabilia already.

• Make sure that your cookbook will be clean and easy to read. It can be put into ring-binds and add the colors that will help make it look even more attractive and pleasing. And if you want to have ideas on how you are going to organize the content, look at this:

a. You can do it by category. For instance, start with the appetizers first, then soups, then, salads, followed by entrees and then the desserts.

b. Or have it by family. Like you can start with the recipes of your grandmother first, then your aunts, cousins, and the others.

c. Or even by holiday or occasion. Like start with the favorite menus for the birthdays of family members, the 4th of July meals, Thanksgiving or even Labor Day.

Then, let me tell you how these healthy cookbooks came into existence and how it becomes popular as it is today. It is said that when somebody who is interested in cooking up great tasting meals, or even just someone who loves to eat, think of something innovative and delicious, the name of Fannie Merritt Farmer always comes into their minds. She has given the cookbook history the teachings of determination and dedication and the truth that you don’t have to be a professional chef in order that you might live a kitchen life so ideal and inspiring. And if nothing else about what she did matters to other people, she was revered by millions of people for her manner which shows innovativeness especially when writing recipes. She was the one who standardized the measurement sizes so that when you say a cup, it would mean nothing but a cup, regardless of what you will measure. In short, she was the one who introduced the concept and theory of accuracy as one of the keys in cooking perfectly. She also showed hoe a certain recipe can be duplicated anytime but without the guesswork that everybody is expecting, this is something called “an element of surprise.” And her total success made the public call her the “Pioneer of The Modern Recipe” and also the “Mother of Level Measurements.”

In conclusion, this article has told you how creating a healthy cookbook can become a precious family heirloom and how you can make all the efforts in creating a beautiful and extra memorable one; something that can be passed on to the following generations; then you were also introduced to the Mother of American Cookbooks and how her essential contribution made a difference in the way cookbooks are regarded now. But take note, however, that you will not really become instantly a master of cooking just by checking this article out. And if you really want to learn more about it, please read and check out my other articles, too.

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