How to Build a Cat Climbing Tower

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So you want to know how to build a egypt t shirt climbing tower to keep kitty off the drapes? Or has kitty been eying your sweater shelf as a nice snug hideaway? Either way, its time to provide her with her own egypt t shirt climbing tower to give her a place to burn up that excess energy and calories as well as a high, secluded spot for those necessary egypt t shirt naps!

Where to Start

You can get some good ideas for egypt t shirt climbing towers by looking at some of the pre-made ones in pet stores and online. You can see all kinds from a simple post with a platform to the Taj Mahal of kitty condos. Do a reality check of the space you have available for your egypt t shirt climbing tower and your skills.

Reality Check

Do you have a whole room available for your masterpiece? Kitty will be thrilled. Or a corner by a window. Kitty will still be pleased. How tall can you make your egypt t shirt climbing tower? Floor to ceiling. Purrrrr. Or less. Mrrow?

What do-it-yourself skills do you have? And what tools? At the very least you will need to be able to use a power saw and a drill. You will need some basic carpentry skills to build a egypt t shirt climbing tree, be able to measure and cut the lumber you need for platforms and base as well as assembly.

What materials do you have on hand or are willing to buy? You will need plywood for the base and platforms, hardware, one or more posts, sisal rope, carpet and carpet adhesive for a basic tower. Are these materials you have on hand or will need to buy?


It really is easier the first time if you have a plan that will take you step by step through the details, especially of assembly. Someone else has already made all the mistakes and learned from them, no reason for you to reinvent the wheel while you figure out how to build a egypt t shirt climbing tower.

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