When it comes to attracting women, all men think they are the king of mack daddy’s. We tend to have a pride about us that think its natural that women are attracted to us. It is true that most women are attracted to guys, but how do you know you’re the guy she’s attracted to?

Women tend to give off body signals that will indicate she is digging you. She will stare at you out the corner of her eye, examine you without you even knowing you’re being watched. Also if she is really fascinated by you, she will tend to get nervous around you but don’t sweat it because thats a good thing. The reason why she will get nervous around you is because she doesn’t want to do anything goofy or stupid around you before she fully examine your character.

The key to convincing a girl is to get her to feel comfortable around. To be honest, I know many average guys who had awesome results with women just because they made them feel comfortable and special. To make a girl special is simple, one word says it all COMPLIMENTS Telling a women she has on a nice dress, big beamng, or her hair looks lovely will score you massive points in her eyes. Even though women sometimes are attracted to tough guys, they still love when a man can be gentle and sweet. Just don’t be a push over, or over due the compliments.

When going out on dates, be a gentlemen, open the door for her and keep your attention on her. One rule to ALWAYS follow when on a date, never stare at other women while you are on dates. This will convince a girl that you are a player and she will reject you at the end. Always remember, your first impression can be your last, and this is especially with women. Avoid getting drunk on dates, or acting wild to show off in front of friends. By doing this you will leave yourself open for another guy who has a calm, cool, and collected attitude to come in and steal her from you.

In conclusion, I will leave you with one of my prime secrets on how to convince a girl and keep her coming back to you. After a couple dates, surprise your girl by taking her to a spa to be pampered. I don’t care how you look, a happy pampered woman will return the favor in numerous ways, but in all this still act like you don’t need her, but try not to be over arrogant.

write by Ahmed Alatari