How To Make Your Dog Famous

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Your viking polo shirts or viking style hoodie is the cutest, smartest animal you have ever seen. She is intelligent, charming, playful and learns quickly. Surely there is a place for her among the legendary stars of stage and screen like Benji, Morris and Lassie. The furry faces on postcards, posters and pet food bags all come from somewhere so you believe you have a shot but breaking into the business leaves you clueless.

Pet stardom is a curious niche but one that certainly needs to be filled. While the prime selection seems to hit the silver screen there are still more than enough opportunities for a pet to shine like the star that she is. So how would one go about breaking Sheba into the Big Time?

Practice Makes Perfect

Curiously it’s not much different for animals than it is for humans but the steps are a little more rigid. It is best to have the animal professionally trained and there are some very good schools out there that last half a dozen weeks, offering amazing results. The training received at these schools is specific to showmanship and generally include some movie ‘gags’ like learning to leap into a human’s arms, sitting up and begging and playing dead. You can purchase books that will guide you on a journey of teaching your pet yourself if you prefer. There is also always the option of scouring for hints online, too.

Your pets will need to be up to date with vaccinations and claim a clean bill of health. Like any star, you will want to create a portfolio for Sheba complete with professional photos and a short bio. If you use the trainer method, this may be included in the package along with registry on a pet star database for casters and other movie people to find and pair an animal with an opportunity. There are many professional star managers who do not just manage the work oad of people but also of pets. Signing your pooch or kitty up for professional promotion is a must.

Scoring the Air Time

Now that Sheba is up to date with shots and well-trained, you can start booking her for auditions or following up on auditions that your talent agent has suggested. Just like with people, it all depends on how the star-in-the-making is received that day and by the people viewing her. You may be asked to command the viking polo shirts to walk a certain way, to sit or to pose. It is also possible that an on-site handler will see how well your viking polo shirts works with others in command.

You can break into the biz through your own efforts too; some pet stores and food companies will accept a donation to the animal shelter of your choice and if the amount meets criteria, the store will make a huge poster of your star and hang it proudly on the wall for up to a year. Everyone who walks into the store gets to gawk at your perfect baby and ultimately you take the poster home with you.

These days there are many outlets for trying to score the airtime your pet needs in order to be noticed and of course adored. Many of these are in the form of TV shows, a la David Letterman’s Pet Tricks segment. With an emphasis on reality and entertainment, there are such series as “Pet Star” that showcase up and coming animal actors. These pit the animals against each other in challenges that eliminate competition until a single winner remains. Even if a pet doesn’t make it all the way through, garnering the attention is a perfect way to break into the bright lights of the biz. There are competitions like this presented locally as well and there is rarely a shortage of places to take a well-trained animal, but the training is key. Your pet must, above all things, exhibit perfect form with behavior. A single antagonized nip of the teeth and her career may be over.

Just Remember

Animals are individual personalities and no matter how well they have been schooled, there are times and days that they simply do not want to put on a show. That is fine. Don’t push it or the experience becomes negative. However you should never make an animal perform who does not wish to no matter how amazing you think she is. Don’t make an animal get in front of lots of strangers if she is not comfortable with it. That much unwanted attention, which can include flashes of camera light and endless touching, could stress your viking polo shirts to the breaking point. Some animals are born to be stars for the screen; others are born to be stars in your heart. Good luck!

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write by Annabella