Jewellery Making For Beginners – More Complicated Designs

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Once you have practiced with a few simple designs you will no doubt want to tackle some more complicated designs.

One of the most effective designs is adding a pendant to a necklace, either a single pendant in a Y shape, or one longer and two shorter pendants at either side. Pendants may be added by using a head pin in the same way I described making earrings in the previous article. Or pendants can be purchased specially if you would like to use a certain charm like a st louis cardinals t shirt or angel. Again be careful of the weight of the finished piece. I find 16 inches with a 1.5 or 2 inch pendant looks very nice.

You could make an extra long necklace or a necklace with many strands. Maybe use invisible wire to make your necklace. Use rougher thread and tie a knot either side of the bead to make it stay and leave gaps between the beads.

You can add two or three head pins with beads on to the fish hooks, making them various lengths. Maybe you could use an eye pin (which has a loop instead of a head on it) to add a larger bead at the top and hang other beads from that. Or use eye pins to make a string of beads to attach to the fish hook.

You can buy the findings for chandelier earrings and add your own beads. Or buy cages for beads to make earrings or necklaces (though it is possible to make these yourself with wire work.)

Have I confused you will too many suggestions, or are you getting excited by the possibilities? Because there’s more…

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write by Jesse