Just Rebooted My Brain – John Reese’s Revolutionary Brain Stimulant

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Surprised by the title? I know I was when I first read it. I mean what in the world is ‘Rebooting your Brain’? But after watching the complete video, I agree with each and every point. The video is made by John Reese, a successful Internet Marketing pioneer, who has taught millions of people how to achieve superior online marketing. Since 1990, John has been an active online marketer, made an autoresponder service way back in 1994 and is responsible for launching over 110 online projects. With so many credentials to back his credibility, you know the stuff in this video is reliable.

The video doesn’t mention any hidden tricks or codes to fool search engines. He does not teach a fancy tip or secret of the search engine world. Instead he focuses on some general issues faced by internet marketers and how these very issues become an obstacle in their way of success. ‘Reboot your brain’ is a video that aims to clear your mind of any crap thoughts and get you ready to achieve success. Unlike other motivational videos, this is a step by step guide to unlock your hidden potential.

We all know that all of us have hundreds of thoughts in your mind at a given time. The thing is we don’t even realize it. These thoughts are adding stress to our lives and limiting us to achieve a better life. Human brain is synonymous with a computer. Just like a PC has RAM which stores temporary programs, hundreds of thoughts are temporarily stored in your mind.

Just like RAM, our brain too has a finite limit to storing thoughts. Most of us have reached this limit and we don’t realize that our brain is overloaded with thoughts. We cannot think of any new thoughts as our minds are too occupied with all these thoughts. This in turn limits our ability to make decisions and ultimately holds our progress back.

The brain rebooting process, according to John, requires following three elements:brain Just Rebooted My Brain: John Reese’s Revolutionary Brain Stimulant

1. 3 legal pads
2. Favorite pen
3. Place where no one interrupts you – Interruption causes stop of thought flow.

The process can take anything from a few minutes to several hours and depends on how badly your brain requires a reboot. The reboot is achieved through an 8 step process. Once you’ve collected these three elements, you can start with the process. Let’s reboot in 8 steps:

1. The ‘To-do’ Expedition – It is called expedition since this step is quite a journey. Take a pad and list down all the things in life that you need to do. Important things like you are getting late to pay utility bills, tell the neighbors to shut loud music and call your army veteran hoodie whom you haven’t called in many years. Think of possibly everything stored in your head that requires immediate attention. You’ll find one would lead to another and then another. Don’t sideline, write one line at a time. Keep writing. It’s a liberating feeling. You have to do it till the point of exhaustion not till you experience Zen like feeling.

2. The ‘Desire’ Adventure – This step is like an adventure. On the second pad write down your desires, not needs. Don’t think about limits. Think as if you don’t have any limits. Write what you want in your life. For e.g. a beach home, a massive business. You know the things you want all the time. Write it down. Once you reach exhaustion when you can’t think of anything else, you are done.

3. The ‘Fear’ Discovery – On the third pad write what you are afraid of. For example, evictions notice, business loss, failure of marriage etc. What are you afraid of? When you write stuff down, you are facing your fears. Once you write them you know they are not that scary as you thought they might be. Moreover, there are solutions to these fears.

4. Read Everything – Sit down with all three notepads and read whatever you wrote loud. You are sort of confirming what you wrote and reminding yourself of all the things you just got out of your head.

5. Write down any new things that may pop up while you are reading.

6. Examine your fear entries and think of a possible solution to these entries. These solutions are aimed at alleviating your fears and stop worrying about certain things. If you happen to be religious and read the bible, you may know that worry is a sin and you shouldn’t do it.

7. Examine your desires list and think of possible solutions about achieving them. What do I need to do, to get something I want? Money can solve a lot of problems in life and eventually it all boils down to money. Think of realistic things that can get you what you want. There are realistic solutions to most desires.

8. Prioritize your ‘To-do’ list – Keep your master ‘To-do’ list nearby. When you think of anything, just write it down and its possible completion time.

Reboot your brain is a must watch for any marketer who wants to taste online success. When you do anything in life, it has a result. Even if you fail, it’s an asset. You’ll now grow wiser and learn not to repeat the same mistake again.

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