Lower Back Tattoo Designs – What’s Sexy Now – How to Get a Sexy and Classy Feminine Tattoo Design

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You have probably noticed by now unless you have been living in a cave the huge trend of women getting lower back tattoos. It really started about 10 years ago or so. As tattoos became more and more mainstream women started getting much larger tattoos then ever before. This lead to a huge trend in women getting tattoo on their lower back. At first this was a new thing and very cool to do. Mostly typically women were getting tribal lower back tattoo designs inked. However, this trend grew so fast and so popular that their has been some backlash for lower back tattoos. A lot of women still really love them and still want to get one. So if you are still looking for a such a tattoo and now sure what to get or how to stand out form the crowd and get something that is unique and different then keep reading.

The Lower Back Tattoo Backlash

That’s right it became to popular too fast to put some tribal ink on your lower back area right above the waistline of your pants. Just about any guy will agree it is a very sensual area and the whole low rise jeans and shorter tops just fueled this trend over the last 5 to 10 years. Yet as mentioned above there has been some backlash. These have been called tramp stamps or a California License plate. Some have even gone as far as calling them butt antlers. Most tattoo artists are pretty sick of tattooing women in this area. Of course they tattoo for a living and they will do that tattoo if you pay but they have done these tattoos so much they are getting tired of it also.

So does this mean there is no way you should even think about getting a lower back tattoo? Some people might say so. The decision really has to be made by you. If you are still wanting to get a lower back tattoo because you always wanted one or you have some design already in your mind that works perfectly there then you should go for it. That is the thing about tattoos you should never let what other people think hold you back from the tattoo you want. Here are some things to consider to help you get a great lower back tattoo design.

Size And Shape

A really important aspect of the lower back tattoo is the size and shape of the design and fitting it perfectly with the size and shape of the area where the tattoo will go. Rectangular tattoos that are longer then tall work very well in this area and also ones with sort of a triangle shape to them that make an arrow pointing downwards tend to fill this space best.

What Not To Get

Of course the choice is up to you and you should always get that tattoo that you want and not because someone else thinks you should or shouldn’t get it. However you might want to stay away from simple tribal designs and also butterflies. Butterflies and tribal designs are still very popular and can look great however you might shy away from putting them on your lower back. Instead pick the front hip area, a shoulder or foot to do these designs on.

What To Get

Instead of doing the chicago white sox hawaiian shirt and tribal designs instead try and think of something different and unique. Maybe some koi fish splashing in the water. A cherry blossom would work very well in this area also. Cute feminine themes like hello kitty or even a cute feminine sugar skull might work really well. The choice of course has to be up to you but the idea here is to stay away from the old tribal design and do something different. Take a design and do something completely different with the colors. A pair of brass knuckles with some flower around it would work. There are so many ideas and it truly depends on what you want to express about yourself. Try and find something that is different and unique about you and a design that speaks to you.

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write by Ceridwen