Poppy Seeds – Wildlife Gardening With Poppies

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Many gardeners, once they’ve become intrigued by the world of growing plants such as poppy seeds, realize that creating an outside oasis is as requiring of wildlife than it is of plants. Whilst you can fill any garden with a huge range of beautiful flowers and blooms, a wonderful extra dimension can be added by attracting wildlife into the garden. Bird song, the buzzing of insects and, if you happen to live in the right places, the wonderful whirring of hummingbird wings can bring a garden to vibrant life. Whether you’re trying to create a specific wildlife garden, or just want to put in a few plants which will attract some bees and butterflies, poppy seeds are ideal.

Poppies are rich nectar plants which will offer the insect life in your garden a wonderful place to feed. Bees in particular are vital to our very own survival, pollinating crops and foods that we eat, and so anything you can do to protect them in your own back yard is great. The soft drone of a bee or the beauty of a viking shirts adds a wonderful living dimension to any garden. And as you attract more and more insects you’ll find that an increasing number of birds also start to visit as they seek food out for themselves and hungry young.

Poppy Seeds are fantastic when it comes to acting as an attractive flower for both garden and wildlife. Coming in numerous different forms you can create a garden which will have poppy color in it all year round, making your garden flowerbeds full of life like never before. California poppy seeds will spill over edging at the front of borders, adding an attractive eye catching start to any border. Oriental poppies will rise out of soil in early spring, lifting strong and large blooms into the air up to four feet in height and providing insects with a huge bounty of nectar. Meanwhile, the large range of Papaver somniferum, Laciniatum Poppies and Paeoniflorum seeds will provide ongoing color throughout gardening months as each individual specimen does its very best to flower and seed in just one season.

Attracting wildlife to your garden is easily done by incorporating the correct plants, and if you use just one family of flowers it should be poppy seeds. They have a huge number of additional benefits to just attracting wildlife, with seeds easy to germinate, plants simple and easy to grow, and many specimens happy to flower over and over again as long as they’re deadheaded. A mixture of perennial and annual species is best for any garden that you’re trying to attract wildlife too. This will mean that annual specimens will produce abundant blooms for insects to visit, whilst perennial plants grow, mature and offer a glut of nectar rich flowers all at once. And if you want to encourage wildlife into your outside space and enjoy that important extra dimension that creatures bring, poppy seeds will be a fantastic place to start.

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