Review of Oriflame Even Out Face Cream

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I am a very difficult skin product customer to please. As usual, I was very skeptical when my suggested me this product. But within the first one week, it swept away my complaints.

The Oriflame Even Out face cream comes in a good looking 50 ml pack. The cream has Vitamin C and Licorice extracts which help in the reduction of the spots and blemishes. It is recommended for all skin types. I was worried about this claim because I have an oily/combination skin. But a few applications later, I could rest assured that it would work out just fine.  It has to be ideally applied twice daily, but even an once a day application gives good results. The pack looks small, but it is very durable and goes on for 4-5 months. A small dab is more than enough for the entire face, as it spreads very easily.

As the name suggests, it is applicable for any one who has a skin with black marks or spots and blemishes. This could be due to hormonal changes, sun exposure or in my case chicken pox. The cream definitely lives up to the expectations as within 1-2 weeks of its application, I could see a remarkable decrease in the dark spots on my face. The SPF of 20 is surely as bonus, because I don’t have to apply another dose of a sunscreen over my face. The skin is initially a bit oily, but it’s pretty much manageable with a dash of face powder. The oiliness wears out pretty soon, but the effect does not.

It has been almost 6 months I have been using it, and I intend to use it till Oriflame decides to discontinue the product, which I sincerely wish they don’t. In fact it has always been one of their “best seller” products since its launch.

The product is worth a buy!

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write by derrick williams