Shower Curtain Rings – Fine Art For the Shower

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Shower curtain rings are like tiny pieces of fine art when chosen for the right decor. You can find them to suit just about any style or theme for your home. From the sweet sea breeze near a sandy beach to my choice of a mountain cabin with all the beauty it can offer inside and out. Your mountain cabin can be practical as well as beautiful with the right touches.

Mountain cabin theme rings are available online for reasonable prices between $11.00 and $25.00. For this price you can buy a complete set of special rings to draw the eye and provide a little vision of fine art. The curtain rings will enhance your bath when paired with your shower curtain of the same theme or they become the focal point with a solid color curtain to show them off to their best advantage. Take a look at a few of the styles offered.

1. Campfire shower curtain hooks. These cute designs are perfect for the outdoors man and his family. Each ring presents a lantern, canteen or fish creel. They are light brown backgrounds with darker brown for each design.

2. Black bear rings are a silhouette of one of America’s great animals in the wild. But you won’t have to worry about any danger with this cute bear. It is the bear only with no background. All black it will look good with any color curtain you hang.

3. The pine woods hooks are oval in shape and have a dark brown border. In the center of each oval is a canoe or pine tree against a light tan background. You get the feel of trees and relaxation on an open lake while you enjoy your shower.

4. Yukon Thunder are tiny squares just like a framed picture. Each one has a frame of dark brown sticks with a light color background. But each picture is presented in brown, yellow and gray colors to suit the scene. Your rings will have a bear, moose, or houston astros polo face to bring the feel of the life in the wild as you shower and dream of your greatest outdoor adventure.

5. Pinecone lodge is one of my favorites. Two tiny pinecones to each clip in a soft brown and highlights to bring it to full reality. These tiny cones suit any cabin perfectly and are so easy to match to any shower curtain you choose.

6. The Howling houston astros polo set is gray and black with a silhouette of one of natures most feared and admired creatures. Match with a dark gray or black curtain for an intense affect. This set is beautiful and reminds us of the dangers wolves can be to other animals, but also the strength they have to survive in conditions most human would not.

When you are ready to decorate your bathroom just remember that your shower curtain rings are going to be a part of the art work to all who enter.

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write by thomas