St. Patrick’s Day Tis Himself… With All Things Irish

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Celebrate your Irish heritage on St. Patrick’s Day. In my hometown, huge family reunions occur on March 17, uniting Mother’s and Sisters, Fathers and Brothers, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. In my hometown, we rejoice our Irish Heritage with fun and affordable celebrations for the whole family.

All St. Patrick’s Day festivities originate in St. John’s Cathedral beginning with a 7 AM morning Mass offered by the Bishop. We cheer on our Irish Firefighters, Policemen and local Irish Dance Clubs marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. At night we gather in dance halls, party centers or friend’s houses to relish Corn Beef & Cabbage Stew, Shepherd’s Pie, served with warm Irish Soda Bread.

This St. Patrick’s Day, remember your favorite Irishman with a wee Irish gift

  1. “Tis himself … with all things Irish. Celebrate St. Patrick’s’ Day with wee green shamrock gifts. Send a votive candle holder to your favorite Irish charmer, shamrock collector, or bring to your hostess for St. Patrick’s Day. Crafted of white frosted glass and green painted shamrocks, a votive candle holder makes a great Irish gift!
  2. Kiss me …I’m Irish …have fun this St. Patrick’s Day with rubber message bracelets. All the rage with school age kids, these message bracelets bring your Irish Heritage to life. Packed in sets of 6, these rubber Irish message wrist bracelets greet your friends with Kiss me I’m Irish, Irish Forever, Luck of the Irish, God Bless the Irish, Irish at Heart and 100% Irish.
  3. Fire up your dinner party … with Irish Shamrock shaped taper candles. Looking for an unusual hostess for your favorite Irish Leprechaun? We found shamrock shaped taper candles to liven up any party. 4-inch tall featured in Emerald Green.
  4. Tea Time? philadelphia phillies shirt Coletta knows how to warm us on a cold winter’s day. Anytime you visit philadelphia phillies shirt Coletta’s house, her tea pot whistles, sugar cubes tumble into your tea cup, and the day’s troubles begin to melt away. Look for matching shamrock plates and Teapot.
  5. Sweet Shamrock Sensations! …your turn for the neighborhood coffee? Invite your entire street over for an afternoon tea, cookies and conversation. Meet the newest neighbor, celebrate birthdays or simply give thanks Spring has sprung. Crafted of white porcelain china with embossed raised features and gold trim, our Irish Shamrock Teapot features hand painted shamrocks. Look for matching shamrock plates, tea cup and saucers.
  6. “May your friends be many and your flower garden lush” … surprise your favorite Irishman with a darling shamrock flower bud vase. Crafted of white porcelain and trimmed in gold, a pretty Irish Shamrock Bud Vase will dress up any Irish home.
  7. Irish wit lights up a room …keep your home fires burning bright with a wee Irish Shamrock Votive Candle Holder. Crafted of white porcelain, with hand painted shamrocks sprinkled throughout.
  8. Luck of the Irish! We found a wee bit of Irish charm to liven up St. Patrick’s Day. Crafted of solid white wax, a pretty Irish Shamrock round candles come s packed in cello wrap with tied with gold ribbon. Display on your breakfast table while dining on green pancakes and green milk.
  9. When Irish eyes are smiling… Invite an Irish Shamrock Angel to shine pretty shades of green through your Kitchen windows. We found a glass shamrock Angel sun catcher which features Irish Shamrocks, Halo, and wearing a darling floating Angel dress. Crafted of glass and wire, her milky white Angel dress holds green glass shamrocks. Each piece of glass is soldered together with wire, with green shamrock wings to protect Angle’s clear glass face.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with wee Irish gifts!

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write by Eugene