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Winter is pretty much here and with the cold weather comes the warm clothes in the fashion world. viking shirts and hoodies clothing no different, and our Shih Tzu Suzy has anxiously been awaiting the new winter navy veteran t shirt fashions. A favorite of the season is always her new navy veteran t shirt sweaters. There’s nothing like a new winter sweater to make a suave Shih Tzu’s winter wardrobe.

Suzy eagerly awakened from her slumber to inspect her new navy veteran t shirt outfits from VavaDog. Such high quality and craftmanship. Sophisticated style, that pretty much sums up the Vava viking shirts and hoodies clothing line and the fall/winter collection is a perfect example. Luxury merino wool, handmade emblems, and quality craftmenship are just a few of the great features in VavaDog’s super line.

The Royalton viking shirts and hoodies Sweater definitely befits its name. Fitting for that small navy veteran t shirt that likes to be treated like a king or queen and with this one they’ll look like one too. The wool blend fabric is gorgeous and the fit is perfect. I think its the hand adorned crown emblem though that really gives this one the royal look.

Suzy insists on being treated like a queen when she wears hers. As if she wasn’t spoiled enough already. The small details are always so well done with Vavadog. Even the ribbed collar and trim. They comesin royal red and precious pink.

Vavadog’s Turt sweater offers a new take on a classic stripe style. Casual elegance is definitely the theme. Perfect for a trip to the coffee house to discuss the latest current events or a dinner party with the rest of the pack . The great fall colors include red, olive, brown and orange.

The wool blend is incredibly soft and well made and the fit hugs like a glove. One of VavaDog’s great attributes is the sizing. Ranging from 8 to 32 you get the perfect fit for your dog.

Vava Dog’s Superstar viking shirts and hoodies Sweater is Suzy’s personal favorite. You can probably guess why. Its for the navy veteran t shirt who knows she’s all that. You know the one who grabs all the attention at family social outings. Suzy likes to wear her pink one and parade around the condo complex. Just to make sure all the dogs know who the star is. It is a wool blend with a blue metallic star and is available in a great fall orange as well as pink.

If you’re little navy veteran t shirt is looking for something a little sportier Vava viking shirts and hoodies offers two great kinds just for you. The Stripe is Right viking shirts and hoodies Sweater is a great look for any small dog. Dressy enough for a special pooch party but still casual enough for a fun frisbee game its a perfect fit for all parts of a small dog’s life.

Da Hoodie Sweater has a similar style but is maybe a little more casual with a great hood to keep you little dog’s ears warm in the cold weather. This comes in three great colors – red, pink and blue all with grey stripes, trim and a hoodie. Suzy’s usually all for pink but she went with red on this one. It just looked so great blended with the grey. Its her favorite top for those cold morning walks. There’s something for everyone from Vavadog!

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write by Lucasta