Swim Wear for Women with Baby Bumps

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Whoever says that pregnant women can’t use swim wear during their pregnancy is mistaken. Nowadays, there are swim suits or swim wear specifically designed to cater the needs of pregnant women. With the creation of swim wear for moms-to-be, women can now hit the beach, wear the latest fashion in bikinis and show that baby bump during summer escapades. Before, some pregnant women had to suffer watching people in enjoying the cool waters. In fact, these pregnant women just read books or prepared the food during a family outing. The bottom line is that pregnant women stare enviously as other people swim and have fun under the sun. It was a belief that swimming was bad to the baby and mother as it will cause miscarriage.

I had a pregnant aunt, who used to wear black fitting shorts like tights and white t-shirts, since there were no bikinis that will her body. Incidentally, my los angeles dodgers shirt is like a water nymph for she loves water so much. In fact, she often tries different water sports like diving, surfing and jet skiing whenever we go to the beach. We often call her a daredevil nymph as she fears absolutely nothing when it comes to water. But then again, she mellowed down for she was pregnant with her first child. When she was pregnant and we visited the beach, she wanted so badly to join us. However, the problem was that she had no swim wear that fitted her. We all know that most beaches have a rule that requires swim wear for men and women.

During her second pregnancy, she was glad to discover that a lot of boutiques are selling plus size swim wear. She thought, “Why not use a plus size? It fits me, so I will use it.” When we went to the beach, her plus size swim wear is not actually good for her body, since it makes her swim uncomfortably as if the swim wear doesn’t fit her. In terms of size, plus size swim wear can be dependable but on the actual use, it’s not. Plus size swimsuits are not designed for pregnant women, but for women whose size is twelve and above. Thank goodness, Brazilian Bikinis came up with their maternity swim wear which is designed solely for pregnant women. Now, my aunt, as well as other pregnant women out there, can enjoy swimming comfortably while looking elegant and sexy.

The EQ maternity swim wear by Brazilian Bikini is inspired by Harmony swim suit. Harmony is the best-seller one piece swim suit. This swim wear for pregnant women allows women to glide, dive, and swim in the waters without posing a threat of sagging and having gaps while using it. The colors and style include kona surf blue, Maroon Hibiscus, Navy Daisy, and Tangerine Floral prints. But for those who want it plain and simple, black color is also available. One of the best features of this swim wear is that it has a line on the front and back which enables to support the body and keeps it from sagging. Another great feature of this suit is that it’s “form fitting”. This means that it can elevate curves that doesn’t make the wearers look like mascots.

Another good source of maternity swim wear is Nicole Michelle Maternity shop, which specializes on clothes for pregnant women. This shop has a huge collection of maternity swim wear, and one of the in demand swim suit for moms-to-be is Nicole Maternity Goddess Maternity Swimsuit. The said maternity swim wear comes in white fabric together with touches of blue and green colors. It has a thin halter strap that can be removed if you don’t want to use it. It has a double line found at the breast area for support and protection. It is a swimsuit that looks like a short dress, since the style is for full coverage. Pregnant women can wear it while swimming or for a beach party. It is very stylish and at the same time functional for pregnant women. The goddess style swim suit can be handwashed and ironed, without threat of sagging.

The development of swim wear or bikinis for women with baby bumps is really beneficial not just for sporty pregnant women but to all *pregnant women*. This creation is not just simply for recreational purposes since swimming has a healthy benefit for pregnant women. In fact, a lot of doctors and physicians are recommending pregnant women to swim during their pregnancy. Swimming helps exercise and relax bodies of pregnant women. Sometimes, there are pregnancy trainings that require women to dip in the water while practicing delivery of the baby.

Today, women, like my aunt, don’t have to watch enviously at the sidelines while others are having fun in the water; different maternity swim wear are here to make swimming possible for them.

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write by Grainne