Imagine you are an adult woman who lives alone. You reside in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood where most homes are well kept, have nice facilities and would be good targets for a burglar. In addition, most of your neighbors work during the day, however, you are in and out. You like to take a walk with your dog around 11:00 AM each day, when most people are still at work and there are not many individuals around.

On an ordinary week day you are off to walk your little dog at the normal time. You observe a man tying his shoe a few houses down from you, so you settle on walking in the other direction. You have never seen this person before, plus, he has a viking shirt with a hood on. You get a flinch in your stomach, but, you keep on going. You end your walk a tad early and when you come back to your home, you literally walk in on this man as he is departing your house through the back door. You can not out run or out fight him? What is your plan?

Countless people today have started buying nondeadly weaponry such as the TASER C2. This is an outstanding option for individuals, who want to protect themselves, although, do not want to buy or use a gun and do not want to necessarily slay their attacker. The TASER C2 will accomplish this for you, protect without killing.

The TASER C2 will deliver a high voltage shock to your would be assailant or burglar/robber. This shock will stop this individual long enough for you to get away and get assistance. It will stun the individuals neuromuscular system so that they are mixed-up and not able to move for a few moments. This can be the difference between you being harmed or being able to run off.

Most importantly no matter what you decide on always bear in mind. You should practice, train, and keep your weapon out of the reach of unauthorized users. If you ever have an encounter with an intruder and you feel for your life, do not be indecisive to use it. Keep a clear view and be convincing that you are not afraid to defend yourself.

Self-defense is an extremely important concern. Take the time to discover what protection is available and how it will work for you.

write by lopez