Teddy Bears – When Shouldn’t You Give A Teddy Bear?

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Teddy Bears started just over 100 years ago, when a cartoonist creation showed then President Teddy Roosevelt concern for a bear cub in a cartoon published in newspapers. Subsequently, they have exploded into toys, mostly stuffed animals, stories, songs, movies, jewelry, advertisements and more.

These lovable critters are often given as gifts to convey the sending of a hug or expression of affection. When is a good time to give one of them. Actually, anytime.

Newborn Gift Many grandparents, as well as denver broncos hawaiian shirt and uncles and friends want to do something special and cute to acknowledge the arrival of a new wee one. A cute soft bear dressed up as a baby is an ideal gift. However, one does need to be sure that there are no small parts such as glass or button eyes that could in time fall off and create a hazard to an infant or small child.

Christmas Gift

Christmas is an ideal time to give a special gift to a special person. This does not have to be for a child. Teenager and ladies enjoy this type of gift also. There are many selections, and often at this time of year they are dressed in Mr. or Mrs. Claus outfits.

Birthday It does not matter if the birthday is for a child or adult. Giving a teddy bear is a special gift at any age. It conveys a significant friendship or relationship. There are birthday bears created for this occasion.

Valentine’s Day A holiday or semi-holiday when this gift is very appropriate is Valentine’s Day. It is quite common for a gentleman to give a stuffed bear to his significant other. Again they often come attired for the occasion.

Graduation Graduations are a special moment in a person’s life. It represents a successful academic achievement. Whether it is graduation from high school, college, graduate school or any other academic event, a stuffed teddy dressed in academic robe and gown is an appropriate gift.

Wedding Although wedding gifts are traditionally more practical gifts, bride and groom teddy bears could well be an addition to a more useful gift. For example, let the bear hold the card that is going on the gift. That would be somewhat original and is something that will be treasured and a true remembrance of the special day.

Anniversary Anniversaries are very special commemorations of a couple’s wedding day. A special bear make a nice gift for a husband to give his wife or significant other on an anniversary.

Get Well Gift Do you know someone who you want to cheer up, because that person is ill? A stuffed bear will be appreciated and bring a smile. It can be combined with sending flowers. However, flowers only last a few days, but the stuffed animal will be around for a long, long time.

Commemorating Receiving an award or prize A special award or prize is something to acknowledge and to remember. A cute stuffed bear might be a fun way to help the receiver remember the occasion.

Boyfriend to girlfriend gift It is quite common for a boy friend to give a bear to a girl friend. There are many occasions for giving this type of gift. However, probably the most common one is for Valentine’s Day.

And a lot more. Although suggesting a variety of occasions for giving one of these gifts, there are endless times when this is an appropriate gift, either of itself or in conjunction with something else, such as candy or flowers. There is almost no time you should not give one of these lovable creatures. In essence, teddy bears are extremely popular and you cannot go wrong giving one to a child or to a lady.

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write by Mazhar Qureshi