The Top 8 Ways to Create Southwest Decor

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Usually, people that want to use Southwest decor think big. While the walls need to be the correct texture and color, authentic Native American and western style art is needed, and the right rugs and blankets should be incorporated into the room, sometimes, small additions are what make the biggest impact. We wanted to show you eight methods for achieving the southwest look and feel using small items that pack a punch.

Without a doubt, the spirit of the old west is something calming and unique offering a rich history. If you are wanting to change your family home, vacation property or cabin, the details make the difference.

1. Candles – Most homes today have candles located in several rooms. Scented candles provide an inviting fragrance and also create a homey and romantic atmosphere with the soft glow. Candles for Southwest decor come in virtually hundreds of options. For instance, adding a grouping of tiered candles using two or more popular rustic colors. Another choice that many people make is to stack candles with caramel colors that feature Indian beads dangling from jute rope. The color compliments the southwest flavor and choosing a fragrance such as spiced wood or jasmine would support the earthy design.

2. Clocks – For southwest family room decor, add something special like a western style clock. Three examples include an arrowhead-shaped clock with a picture of a beautiful Native American woman in the center, one with a cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt and eagle, or a clock that features wild horses.

3. Pottery – Every Indian tribe leaves their own unique signature of patterns and colors when it comes to pottery. Adding a hand painted piece of pottery or a natural vase to the Southwest decor would enhance the room’s appearance.

4. Dreamcatcher – A dreamcatcher has always been a traditional part of Native American culture, when hung on the wall, it promotes peace and good dreams. Made from high quality wool, feathers, fur, and Indian beads, this handmade piece of art is gorgeous and makes a perfect focal point.

5. Lamps – You can choose from elaborate chandeliers and pendants or simple floor, and table lamps and fixtures in various designs. Some lamps are made from hand-forged wrought iron and enhanced with a stretched rawhide or pigskin shade with beautifully hand painted images or you could choose a fixture that is actually shaped like a cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt head, cow’s skull, Indian drum, etc.

6. Figurines – Of course, rooms with a Southwest decor often have figurines on display. Most are made from iron or wood, showing either western or Native relics such as a canoe, eagle, horse, Kokopelli, Kachina doll, Indian chief, drum, etc.

7. Mission Art Work – The Mission style is also associated with Southwest decor, made from wrought iron or wood, and available in several designs. Some people will use large metal Mission style cross on the wall, place candles on wood rustic designed candleholders, use a Mission style fireplace screen, or display a lantern with colorful glass inserts.

8. Antlers – The rustic style of the southwest also includes antlers. With this, you would have the option of installing an actual antler chandelier or choose a small candleholder or sculpture, beautifully made from real antlers.

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