Three Imaginative Birthday Party Themes for Toddlers and Young Children

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Here are three creative ideas to help inspire you when planning your toddler’s birthday party. Let the fun begin!

#1. Have a Superheroes Birthday Party

Little kids have wild imaginations and sometimes like to pretend to have superpowers. They watch plenty of TV shows portraying characters like Spider-man, Batman, Superman, etc., and often wish they could do the same things! Why not have a superhero theme for your toddler’s birthday party? The best part of the party is the main activity, where each child can decorate a cape and a mask to wear for the afternoon. You can buy cheap sheets or tablecloths in different colors (check out your local Dollar Tree store or thrift store), cut them to size, and finish them off by sewing the edges or affixing string ties if you wish. Buy glitter glue and feathers for the masks, and get ready to take some fun birthday pictures as the kids run around in their costumes!

#2. Host a Balloon Bonanza Inspired by the Movie “Up”

Pixar’s “Up” is an imaginative film telling the story of an old man who goes on a grand adventure in the sky by inflating hundreds of balloons to send his house into flight. The theme of this party is simple: balloons, balloons, balloons. First, you can create deluxe party invitations by printing house-shaped invitations, tying them to a balloon, and delivering them to your children’s friends (make sure they are weighted and won’t float away). On the day of the party, if your dining room has a chandelier, take a bunch of colored helium balloons, and attach a little toy house (or cut your own out of cardboard) and tie it to the bottom of the bunch. Wrap the balloon strings through the arms of your chandelier fixture so that it looks like the house is floating above the table (but held up by the balloons covering up the chandelier). Decorate a cake with “Up” characters like Kevin the bird, Carl the old man, Dug the dog, and Russell the scout.

#3. Entertain with a Jungle Adventure or Safari Birthday Party

Transform your house or backyard into a wild jungle, using inflatable palm trees, stuffed animals, and a soundtrack of jungle or rain forest sounds. Hire a face painter (or DIY) to paint each child’s face like a different jungle or wild animal. Tigers, panthers, cheetahs, zebras, and parrots are colorful and fun animals that little kids can pretend to be. Lead the little wild ones on a ‘jungle safari’ scavenger hunt; making them guess the answers to clues and finding prizes around your backyard or indoor ‘jungle’. Buy a fun wild animal piñata to finish off the theme. If you have any kind of artistic flair, consider getting a big plywood board on which to paint wild animal bodies, cutting out three round face-sized holes for the little ones to stick their heads through, posing for adorable photos that you can keep for your scrapbook or include as mementos with your child’s thank-you notes.

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write by Toma Banner