Unique Baby Gifts – Five Great Tips For Finding the Best Baby Gifts

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New baby’s on the way, it’s a birth, a Christening, or baby’s first birthday. Now you have to find the perfect gift. You want to discover something that will be a unique baby gift, something to be cherished and remembered, maybe even saved for that baby’s baby – something to look at later and remember it came from you. Your search is often limited to the usual silver piggy bank or the renowned silver spoon. Is there anything new under the sun? What should you be looking for? Here are five ideas to get you started:

1) Consider the options.
There are a variety of great ideas to think about when it comes to selecting baby gifts and it’s your choice whether or not you opt for heirloom gifts, personalized items, or something the baby can cuddle with like a soft plush rabbit, a music box, or a revolving mobile. But if you are looking for something really special and lasting, there are better options out there.

2) Buy for the parents.

Sounds odd to be keeping the parents in mind when you are shopping for a baby, but the baby gift you select now (aimed at pleasing the new Mom and Dad too), is guaranteed to please the baby when he or she grows up. Everyone will be absolutely delighted with your selection of an engraved pewter baby rattle and will want to display it. It will not only look good on the dresser, but the baby will love it too. Then, when the infant matures, the rattle will carefully be stored away, to be handed down to the next baby. This is what they call an “heirloom” gift. Picture the child 20 years from now, perhaps rummaging through an old trunk and discovering a gift that was saved from when he or she was born because that gift was too cherished to discard. How wonderful is that?

3) Collections are “in”.

Ever think of buying the baby’s first Christmas ornament? Every year thereafter, you can add to the collection. Choose a theme like angel ornaments, or puppies and follow that theme through all the growing up years. Engraved silver baby ornaments can become highly cherished possessions, and the ornament collection will always remind the child/teenager/adult of how much you cared from the very beginning. Sterling silver charms are always a big hit as well, and think about a baby’s picture in a locket to make it even more precious.

4) Try A Do-It-Yourself Project.
If you are one of today’s scrapbook crafters or even a beginner, you can create beautiful collections of photographs, notes, and news articles about the baby’s year of birth. What a wonderful heirloom baby gift that would be. Include receipts for food, gasoline, and magazine pictures of stylish clothing. Cut out samples of fashionable décor, hairstyles, hemlines, automobiles, and news issues of the day. Include horoscopes, scientific breakthroughs, predictions for the future, and famous people. This personalized baby gift of a “year book” is only limited by your imagination and can be made as simple or as ornate as you wish. What you think is boring now will be exciting for the child to look at and share 20 or 30 years from now and will become one of the most cherished gift items ever received.

5) Personalize it. Personalize it. Personalize it.
If you can engrave or personalize your gift with special information (“Made for Joey from cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt Sally”), it is guaranteed to be uniquely special and will be proudly displayed in baby’s room until the infant is no longer a baby, but a child. Engraved pewter baby cups, or any other engraved Christening gift, birthday gift, or welcome-new-baby gift will not only stand out from the crowd, but will be saved for years to come. Think about giving a baby birth plate. Williamsburg Delft birth plates, made in Holland, were inspired by a centuries-old tradition of giving gifts of lasting memories. The baby’s name, birth date, length, weight, city and state are hand painted, then baked on a Delft plate. The plate often features a tiny clock and can be displayed on the nursery wall and set to the time of birth. Numerous other items can be personalized such as needlepoint, quilts, and sterling silver baby jewelry.

Finding the perfect baby gift for a child’s first years doesn’t have to wind up being a foot-weary search through jewelry and department stores. It doesn’t have to be a break- the- bank item either. “Specially made from Grandma” can make the gift so meaningful that it will be handed down through the generations. Is there anything new under the sun? Yes – the baby, of course, and your thoughtfully chosen, wonderful gift to celebrate life.

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