Why I Love Italian Charms

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First of all – Italian Charms are fun!! They are totally customizable, cool to collect and make fantastic gifts. You can own one bracelet and switch charms anytime you want or have several bracelets each with a different theme. You can add more variety by mixing and matching the 3 main styles of Italian charms – photo, enamel and laser and using the different sizes and shapes that are available.

  • Enamel charms are made using a process of applying paint on an enamel image and affixing that image onto the stainless steel or gold charm base. These charms are vibrant with color and shine. You can find thousands of patterns and designs of enamel charms.
  • Laser charms are made by using lasers to etch words and images onto the stainless steel base. These charms are usually done in black lettering however you can purchase colored lettering as well. These were the original Italian charms and are still very popular.
  • Photo charms are made by affixing an actual photographic image to the stainless steel or gold base that is then embedded under a clear sparkling enamel overlay. Photo charms are my favorites – I call them “miniature works of art”.

The links themselves come in an assortment of sizes which are used in different ways for a variety of reasons. The most popular and common size is the 9mm standard which can be purchased in the enamel, laser or photo styles. The 9mm Midlink size is relatively new. It is a bit longer and wider than the standard 9mm and shows the image to a better advantage. This charm can be linked to a standard 9mm bracelet. Superlink charms are twice as wide as the standard Italian charm. With the same height, the look is a long horizontal piece and can be linked with standard sized Italian charms. The Mega charm is 18mm and is the largest of the charm sizes. This size is almost square and is designed to link 2 9mm standard bracelets together to create a double bracelet. The Uno-Mega charm is also 18mm but unlike the Mega charm can be attached to just one 9mm charm bracelet.

Now that you know the facts about the different styles shapes and sizes you can start building your Italian charm bracelet. Think of your bracelet as an artist with a blank canvas. Each brush stroke is a new charm. Each charm should reflect your passions, your interests or your personality.

You begin with an Italian charms starter bracelet which consists of the standard eighteen 9mm blank links. These bracelets are available in many diverse styles. The majority of Italian charm bracelets are made from high quality stainless steel but you can also purchase 14 carat gold bracelets. The most popular of the styles is the shiny silver bracelet however you can also choose matte silver, silver with raised emblems on each link (i.e. hearts, dolphins, stars, etc.) and bracelets with colored links.

Creating a bracelet to express your interests is easy! What do you like? What are your hobbies, crafts, your occupation? Do you like animals or flowers? How about favorite places you have visited or would like to visit? You might have a favorite singer or actor or public figure. The list of possibilities is endless.

How about a bracelet that expresses your passions? Maybe you want to convey a particular inspiration thought or cause that you have deep concerns for. Perhaps a charm that reflects the love you have for your family or loved ones. How awesome is it to send that special someone a charm that says “I Love You”!

Turn your bracelet into a photo album or scrapbook by having your digital and/or paper photos proudly displayed on your bracelet. Add your friend’s, pet’s, children’s, grandchildren’s, parents’, aunt’s, uncle’s, husband’s, wife’s or other family members photos.

Add your business, club or group logo to a charm!! Create a Medical Alert Charm Bracelet. Show off your favorite quote or saying.

Give someone a personalized happy birthday charm, a graduation charm or a thank you charm. Personalized name charms make super gifts for anyone with a charm bracelet.

As you can see Italian charms are FUN! Collect them, give them as gifts, exchange them with your family and friends. Wear one or more on your wrist. Enjoy the diversity of designs and patterns that can be arranged and rearranged in any manner you desire and exchanged whenever you want.

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