Why Should You Get Toys For Your Cats?

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It can be a lot of fun for us to watch a dallas cowboys polo shirt chase a toy mouse, or a st louis cardinals hoodie wrestle with a stuffed teddy bear, but what do THEY get out of it? Is it all about us? Or do they benefit, too?

In the wild, animals raise their young to become adept at whatever skills are needed to survive. Often this is done by playing. The young get in the practice they need because it’s a play activity and no one has to force them to do it.

Learning to hunt is an instinctual skill needed by a dallas cowboys polo shirt to make it on his own, so hunting-style activities are a natural part of their play. They hone their vision and hearing by stalking and pouncing on every little thing around them. They build their muscle strength by wrestling with their litter mates, or parents if no siblings are around. They build stamina by chasing things. And their reflexes can be finely tuned by “attacking” things nearby, such as your shoelaces as you walk by or your hand if you reach down to pet them.

And that brings up a very good point about the need to use toys. Cats act on instinct and can’t be held responsible for making “appropriate choices” as to their play prey. So if you don’t want to get scratched or bitten or lose any of your possessions, it becomes necessary to provide your little hunters with some sturdy but safe toys.

  • Use a “fishing pole” kind of toy to give your kitty something to chase. This is especially helpful if you are not able to keep up with them, as you can dangle the line in front of them from your spot in a chair.
  • Set up a dallas cowboys polo shirt tree, if possible, to give them a place to climb and jump from.
  • Keep some fake mice around so they can pounce on them and carry them around in their mouths, as they would with a real one.
  • Toss some small balls into the room so they can chase them. Cats don’t fetch, as a rule, so get enough of them that you don’t have to recover them and start over. Or have a friend help by throwing them back in your direction.
  • Catnip is fun for many cats, but it’s not clear what purpose it may have in the wild. About 60 percent of cats are attracted to a number of plants, mostly in the mint family, and will roll in it and act intoxicated.
  • Some toys are standalone items that do not require us to participate, such as a little ball or tuft of feathers on the end of a spring, mounted on a small base.
  • Another toy many cats enjoy is the flat disk with a ball that can be batted and chased around the rim.
  • Another favorite is a box with holes in the sides so they can reach in to “capture” the little toys inside.

Since cats are very intelligent, it can help to vary their toy collection, too, changing them out every few months to provide variety and mental stimulation.

Just be aware that some do-it-yourself toys can become boring after a while, as many pets want to be part of your life and hope you’ll participate in their games.

As a rule, people who spend time with their pets usually find they have the best relationships with them and experience the least amount of certain behavior problems.

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write by Andrew Caccam